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Podcast: Blake Rowsell on ADHD and using MTB as a tool to refocus & reset

On this episode, I got to interview Squamish local, Blake Rowsell.

Blake is a professor at Capilano University who teaches a variety of outdoor recreation programs. He also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Mountain Bike Tourism in BC having completed his master's degree on the topic.

We dive straight into Blake's personal journey with Mountain Biking, discussing some of the tools he has picked up along the way that help him manage his own Mental Health and thrive as an Educator, Dad, Husband, and engaged community member. When Blake isn't out on the Bike refocusing and resetting during a busy work day, he's hard at work behind the scenes as an active member of the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association Trail Committee, as well as working as part of the Board of Directors for the Mountain Bike Tourism Association of British Columbia.

During the conversation, we touch on:

  • Using your phone as a tool when Mountain Biking

  • Choosing riding partners

  • Understanding tourism in BC

  • Why busy trails (& parking lots) are GOOD

  • Managing ADHD with Mountain Biking

Blake and I had a wet and wild lap of Angry M and Mcloud before recording this podcast. You can check out that video on my YouTube channel @jakejohnstone.



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