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Learn the process to build confidence and control in your riding!

WHAT: A 4-hour workshop with an off-trail session and a trail ride/skills session.

WHY: Our mental state can greatly affect our riding and enjoyment. Since a rider’s mental state is deeply intertwined with their technical skills, we build both simultaneously, providing feedback and strategies for improvement.

HOW: We start with an off-trail workshop, discussion, and Q&A about the group’s mental challenges in riding. Then, we go on a ~3-hour trail ride, focusing on a common skill or terrain goal.


We begin on easy terrain, then move to a specific challenging feature like a drop, roll, or corner learning to apply new mental strategies to regulate our nervous system and enhance performance.


The goal doesn’t necessarily have to be to ride the challenging feature that day, more important is that participants learn the process to turn abstract psychological concepts into practical biking skills for many situations.


Please complete this quick questionnaire to help me make this workshop as relevant as possible to your group's specific questions, goals, and challenges.

Check out our Rider Profiles Page if you are unsure how to describe your current skill level.

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