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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Chances are someone else has already asked it for you. Check out our FAQ guide below, and if you're still unsure, feel free to reach out!

Why invest in Mountain Bike Coaching?

The Technical and Mental Skill components are just as important to our performance, as our equipment is. Riding a bike worth thousands of dollars often doesn't relate to going fast or feeling confident unless we have the skill set to go with it.  

Bikes have changed SIGNIFICANTLY over the past 10+ years, and so have the ideal techniques for riding them. By investing in your skillset you ensure that you get the most out of your ride.

I've booked a lesson/course - where do we meet?
Great! Keep an eye out for your 'Get Ready' email which includes the meeting locating and a bunch of useful information. For Private Lessons and Lunch Rides, we will be in touch in the days before your lesson to let you know if the location.

What happens if it rains?

Living in a rainforest, we get a lot of rain here in Squamish. And as you'll likely see, our trails handle the rain really well and are sometimes even grippier than in dry conditions. The only time we may have to make a weather related cancelation is if it is unsafe to be out in the forest, eg. a lightning storm, very poor air quality because of smoke or extreme winds. 

What do I wear, and what do I bring?

Your 'Get Ready' email details the Mandatory, and recommended protective equipment and clothing necessary for your lesson.

Is my older Mountain Bike adequate? 

Your 'Get Ready email has the full details. In short, if it is a modern Mountain Bike (made in the past 10 years), that has been recently serviced by your local bike shop is necessary. We're looking for a minimum of front suspension, a range of gears, off-road tires, disk brakes, and a dropper seat post is highly recommended.

Do I need a Mountain Biking Lesson or a psychologist? 
As you've probably noticed, the mental and technical skillsets for riding are deeply intertwined. For this reason, our coaching methodology focuses on building the two skill sets in unison. For most riders, learning on the trail is the best place to start and we often find that confidence compounds and mental chatter lessons as the correct techniques are learned. That said, after experiencing a setback or mental block riders can benefit exponentially from combining mtb skills coaching with off-bike canceling sessions. Check out our Ride Beyond Limits Program for more on this.

What 'Level' am I?

In general, we try and describe the level or riding technicality of each course in as much detail as possible, giving reference to the trail rating system specific to trails located in Squamish. If after reading the full course description you are still unsure of where you fit, be sure to send us an email or give us a call to work out the best fit for you and your goals! 

I've been riding for X years already, can a lesson help me?
Yes, yes, and yes! No matter our current ability and skillset, all riders can benefit from the outside perspective and expert feedback from a professional coach. Often, we'll pick up bad habits and miss good ones, especially if we've been riding for many years. Sometimes just bringing skills to the center of your attention can help refine your riding and lead to more flow, increased control, and more fun on the bike!

I'd like to book a Private Lesson - when can I book it?
We have a great range of days and times available for Private Lessons including Weekdays, Weeknights, and Weekends. Use the booking calendar via our Private Lessons page to check out current availability and feel free to reach out with a date/time request if you don't see what you're looking for.

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