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The Mind Mountain is a Mountain Bike Coaching company based in Squamish (Skwxwú7mesh), BC 


(AKA. The Adventure Capital of the World, the Center of the Universe, and home of all things well and good).


Through our in-depth coaching events and free educational content, Mountain Bikers of all skill levels are encouraged to break down limiting barriers and build up their performance in a holistic manner. This includes the often overlooked and underrated performance factor, Mental Skills.

We run a variety of Mountain Bike Coaching Courses throughout the year, aimed at helping you unlock your full potential in all 4 realms of riding; the physical, technical, mental and emotional, as well as ensuring you know how to dial in your bike and gear for the best experience possible. By combining the tried and true teaching methods of a traditional PMBIA-style mountain bike lesson, with the latest psychological training tools from the world's leading sports psychologists we ensure you leave with a well-rounded skill set, ready to tackle new challenges - all the while grinning from ear to ear!


At The Mind Mountain, our mission is to INSPIRE other riders to live an active Mountain Biking lifestyle, and to EMPOWER our clients with the technical skills, knowledge, and psychological tools needed to have more positive experiences on the bike, more often.

Mid Mountain Bike lesson. Riding a classic technical trail in Squamish.



Hi, I'm Jake (He/Him) owner and lead coach of The Mind Mountain. As you've probably already gathered, I'm rather obsessed with riding Mountain Bikes, personal exploration, and helping others have more fun through my work as a coach. 

In my early days as a PMBIA Instructor & Guide on the 'North Shore,' I fell in love with the feeling of helping others. Changing seemingly tiny things in a rider's technique almost always left them feeling huge differences in control and confidence, and stoked for more! 

That was until I came across a client with a significant Mental Block that was ingrained from seasons of mentally replaying a past incident involving broken bones - Ouch! No matter how much we worked on her technical skillset in a 'controlled environment' - as soon as we got back onto the trail she froze up. Her body knew what to do, and she believed she could do it, but her mind would not let her. I was lost for words.

This spurred an insanely challenging and rewarding journey of self-development for me as a coach and a rider as I dove head-first into the world of Psychology, Mental Training, and Grit. During this time I hired numerous coaches of my own and experienced countless mental and physical battles on and off the bike. As a 'regular, everyday kind of rider' who now has the tried and tested tools to help your riding reach new heights - I'm excited to meet you!

Jake Johnstone

Jake Johnstone



Jake Johnstone coaching riders in the technical and mental aspects of riding a drop.
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