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We all know that our mind has a whole lot to do with our Mountain Biking.
But even at the highest level, few possess the tools and techniques necessary to consistently eliminate Mental interference and access their full potential.

With this in mind - Jake has spent the last 4 years training with some of the world's leading Sports Psychologists, Mental Trainers, and Mountain Bike Specific Mental Performance Coaches.

We've spent thousands of hours developing and refining a full curriculum that is proven to help Mountain bikers develop a sense of confidence and control - knowing that they have the tools and the ability to ride free of interference, accessing their full potential.

All of our Lessons and Courses intertwine Mental Skills Training with Physical Mountain Bike Skills Coaching. Below are a list of services that dive even deeper in the Mental Aspect of Mountain Bikers Performance. 


Being aware of the fact that many rider's already understand WHAT they need to do to reach thier goals, we put a strong focus on the HOW. 

Psychological Concepts are at their core, abstract. Our tools and training help you develop the habits to apply the Mental Skills to your riding in real-world, on-trail situations. We do this by pairing the appropriate Mental Skills, with the necessary Technical Skills at each stage of a rider's progression. This ensures not only consistent growth but also that the rider is taking the appropriate amount of challenge and risk along the way.

Mental Skills Training Pyramid
Technical Skills Pyramid
Mental Skills Training Pyramid
Technical Skills Pyramid

Mental Skills Training Pathways

Guided Mountain Bike Tours in Squamish
Ride Beyond Limits Program
Skills and Drills Weekly rides
Private Mountain Biking Lessons Squamish
Group Mountain Bike lessons in Squamish
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