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Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Coaching Method

A full circle approach.

The Mind Mountain's Coaching revolves around the knowledge that just like a dependable Mountain Bike wheel, a rider's skillset also needs to be balanced and strong in all areas.

The Mountain Biking Skill Wheel

Whether you're trying to win races, unlock new trails, or simply have more fun on the bike - what you're really looking for is your own version of performance. So when we talk about the performance factors of riding a Mountain Bike we can think of them as 4 interconnected parts of the same 'wheel'. When every spoke in tight, and the wheel is running 'true', we can get the most performance out of it.

The same goes for our skillset. If built up bit by bit, with attention and work being paid to all 4 areas, we develop a strong, versatile set of skills that is unlikely to fail us even in demanding situations.

A Buckled Skill Wheel

What happens if we neglect one area or prioritize building up another area more?

The most likely outcome is a buckled wheel or a weak spot. Sure, we might get away with riding with this buckled skillset, but usually only for so long. We can have the best bike and settings in the world, but if our body position is way off - we're not going to have much success when the going gets tough. 

The same goes for our ability to regulate our nervous system and implement Mental Strategies - it doesn't matter how many hill repeats or Strava laps we've practiced if our mind and body shut down as soon as we sense some pressure (real or perceived).

Just like a buckled wheel might still get you down the trail and back to the truck - you probably don't want to risk it any longer than you have to.

Unlocking Your Riding Potential

With this knowledge, we work with riders to ensure there are no gaps in knowledge and skills are built up in appropriate layers.

We all know there are 101 could-do's and semi-helpful tips that we could be paying attention to at any one time, but the key to unlocking your version of high-performance on the bike is to learn the 1 to 2 SHOULD-DO'S that will help you progress right there in each moment. 

Learning under this model sets the scene for success, and paves the way fro you to make Mountain Biking the most confidence-inspiring and gratifying pursuit you’ve ever experienced.

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