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Ride Beyond Limits.

This industry-first, Counselling and Mountain Bike Skills program is a collaborative effort between Registered Clinical Counsellor, Tori Wood and PMBIA level 3 Mountain Bike Skills coach, Jake Johnstone.

Tori Wood, Registered Psychological Councilor located in Squamish.jpeg
Tori Wood, Registered Psychological Councilor located in Squamish.jpeg


The program is specifically tailored to riders who are finding their mental state is interfering with their riding and ability to have fun on the bike.


Through a collaborative approach, this is a unique opportunity to work with a professional mental health worker and a seasoned mountain bike coach. 


The inspiration behind this program stems from the conversations Jake has had with riders who find themselves unsure of where to begin, facing mental blocks, or lacking the confidence to join group lessons without first addressing their mental health sphere.

 Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and integrated approach, the Ride Without Limits program offers a one-stop service that combines mental health support and skill development in synergy to help riders embark on the trail to recovery.

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How It Works

The program package includes three half-day private lessons with Jake, along with three one-hour counselling sessions with Tori.

We make the process as easy as possible so that you can focus on the riding:  Simply select the dates and times for your 3 lessons with Jake when it works best for you, and we'll help coordinate your sessions with Tori (choice of online or in-person). We recommend spacing the sessions over 4-6 weeks to ensure you have the time to practice and apply the lessons throughout our time working together.

Throughout the program, Tori and Jake work collaboratively to create a safe and supportive environment where riders can freely express their concerns, fears, and challenges. Tori's expertise in counseling provides participants with the tools and strategies to address any mental blocks or issues that may be hindering their progress, while Jake's wealth of experience as a mountain bike skills coach ensures that participants receive top-notch technical and mental skill instruction and guidance on the trail.

$1330 per rider

The Ride Beyond Limits Program is perfect for riders of all Skill Levels. Check out our Rider Profiles page to see where you're at!

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