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Private Lesson - Get Ready 

We're looking forward to riding with you shortly! In the meantime, please take a moment to review the information below, to set us up for a successful lesson!


Please ensure you have signed our digital waiver prior to the session start date.

Where to Meet

Meet your guide at the North end of Perth Drive, where the Mashiter Trail begins. Click the Map below for directions.

When to Meet

Please aim to arrive 'ready to ride' at the lesson start time, to ensure you get the most trail time possible!

OPTION 1: Garibaldi Highlands Elementary - Outside of school hours (~3 min ride to meet point)

OPTION 2: Street Parking on Perth Drive and surrounding streets. 

Please note: This area is often congested and you may need to check other side streets. We recommend arriving early to ensure you get a park. It is your responsibility to obey street signage, and park only in legal parking stalls.

Meeting Point and parking for a lessons woth the mind mountain in squamish.
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